The Crisford winery is small family vineyard with about 4 000 vines  (2.8 hectates). The vines are predominantly made up of Cabernet Franc, a red grape variety, and a scattering of Merlot. Both propagated in the major wine producing region of Bordeaux in France.


Other than the two hectares of cleared parklands around the homestead, the rest of the 16 hectare property is mainly native bushland with Jump-Up Creek running through the centre, an orchard of fruit trees such as olive, stone fruits and citrus; a herb and vegetable garden with eight different types of chilies and some wonderful flower and water gardens designed by Carol Crisford.

Neal and Carol Crisford share there farm and home with five chooks, a family of possums, a community of magpies and kookaburras, and other wildlife including kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, frogs and more.


Like many properties in the Hunter, the topography features undulating slopes and ridges with views of the Brokenback Ranges to the south and the Barrington Ranges to the north, it’s nice part of the world.

Like most “lifestyle Vignerons,” we got into the business the wrong way around. We bought the property first and then planted the grapes. Back then, the only thing we knew about wine was how to drink it, and we weren't very good at that, although we've had a lot of practice since. more....


Making Wine